Key Place to Use Keywords

Getting your website up and running is step one. Step two is getting people there. One of the first things to review and spend some time with on your website is the use of your keywords. There are a couple of key places those keywords should show up on each page. Page Titles Page titles…Read More→

KISS Your Email Signature

In a nutshell, your email signature is a digital business card. As such, it should contain much of the same content: your name, telephone number, website address, company logo and a quick mention of what you do. Of course, you need to include your email address as well – especially if your emails are likely…Read More→

The Importance of Backups

When I was a web design teacher, I always told my students to keep a backup of their homework and any projects they were working on, just in case anything happened. I had a couple of students who had the great misfortune of having their homework assignments somehow “disappear” the day that assignments were due….Read More→

Business Networking Groups

As the owner and president of Full Scope Creative, I tend to find myself doing a lot of networking. As people get to know me, they tend to ask my advice regarding which networking groups they should join. Business networking groups are a great way to build awareness of your company, especially in your local…Read More→

Is an SSL Enough for Security?

One of the best things that any website can do for protection and security is installing a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Although SSL provides great security and protection for the site and users, it is not the final step. While there are any number of steps that can be taken for security, at a…Read More→

Categories and Tags

When you start blogging and creating new posts in WordPress (which I highly recommend you do), you’ll see two options for organizing your posts: categories and tags. While both do the same basic things, organize and index your posts, they have two very distinct uses. Categories With WordPress, categories are generalized. Each blog post should…Read More→

When a Site Navigation Gets Long

Last week, a client asked for some help adding a new link to their site. The problem they were having, was that their main navigation was now being broken into two lines. Not only did it not look great from a visual standpoint, it was also a little goofy to navigate through. That’s a common…Read More→

Everyone Is In Sales

Whichever company someone works for, whatever position they hold: everyone works in sales. Whether directly or indirectly, the actions of any member of a company will lead to increased or decreased business transactions. No matter the role, from barista to a janitor, everyone is in sales. Let me give you a couple of examples of…Read More→

Benefits of SSL

I’ve mentioned before that it’s an unfortunate sign of the times, but today in 2017, having SSL security (Secure Sockets Layer) added to a site is highly recommended. If you accept credit card payments or have a form where the user submits any confidential information (social security number for example), a SSL is required. But…Read More→

Branding Through Facebook Alone

Most of us have used Facebook at one point or another, and it’s great for a lot of things. For personal use, it’s great for keeping in touch with friends and family and/or sharing photos of a grumpy cat. For business, it’s a great way to showcase your products and services, provide helpful and useful…Read More→