Roll with the Changes

In the same way that it wasn’t surprising to see Toys ‘R Us go out of business, it’s also not surprising to see that Blockbuster is down to one remaining location. Actually, that is surprising – I’m surprised they still have one location that can somehow turn a profit. While there were a number of…Read More→

Business Networking Groups

As the owner and president of Full Scope Creative, I tend to find myself doing a lot of networking. As people get to know me, they tend to ask my advice regarding which networking groups they should join. Business networking groups are a great way to build awareness of your company, especially in your local…Read More→

Everyone Is In Sales

Whichever company someone works for, whatever position they hold: everyone works in sales. Whether directly or indirectly, the actions of any member of a company will lead to increased or decreased business transactions. No matter the role, from barista to a janitor, everyone is in sales. Let me give you a couple of examples of…Read More→

Online Job Application

A common issue I hear from clients is that when they are looking to hire, they are having a tough time finding enough qualified applicants. Too often, those businesses just have their job applications printed and ready for applicants to stop in and grab one. Many times, these businesses are looking to hire and employee…Read More→

Do You Follow Up?

Regardless of the product being sold, sales is a tough field to really excel in. Many salespeople often complain about their low sales volume at the end of the month. When asked how many follow up attempts they make, the answer is usually, “Once or twice.” The unfortunate fact, however, is that 80% of sales…Read More→

Your Elevator Pitch

When someone starts a business, they spend countless hours on their business plan, legal agreements, marketing material, office setup, accountant selection, and countless other crucial tasks. One simple task that is often overlooked – if not excluded all together – is crafting your 60 second elevator pitch. While it is the year 2016 with technology…Read More→